The 96mm piston takes out the sleeve as far as it will go. The displacement and compression boost power at all RPM. The kit comes with two pistons milled for maximal lightness, rings for all, two pins, four clips, and a pair of pure copper head gaskets. A full kit comes with all this plus bored-to-size early style cylinders, and an Athena gasket set.

1004cc Piston Kits

Please see below and look at the barrels. if your cylinders don't have a barrier like the picture all the way to the right I don't want them. We'll have to work something out.

Another cheap way to go. 920 barrels bored out to accept one thousand pistoms with new rings. 920s and 1000s both sport combustion chambers of 63cc. Both have a stock compression ratio of 8.3:1 Boring 920cc to 981cc gets a CR of 8.8:1 and a swept volume increase of 16%. If your 920 is getting tired or you just want just a bit more power consider this. Used 95mm pistons, pins, clips, and new rings,, bored-to-size old style barrels, big bore head gaskets (if they ever become available), and an Athena gasket set: $300 exchange. They are in stock painted black, sorry that's the only way they come.

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