Some 99mm 11:1 pistons for your pleasure. These are as big as the sleeve will allow. The kit comes with two pistons milled for maximal lightness, rings for all, two pins, four clips, and a pair of pure copper head gaskets.

Before the poor 920 riders die of disappointment - there is a way to run 99mm pistons on your bikes: Here. Please Click the About => Supply button above.

A 99mm next to a stock 95mm piston. Note the shorter skirt and the dome. Also, those valve cut-aways will provide adequate clearance for up to .600' valve lift. More importantly, they give ample clearance to a .300' lift of the intake at exhaust TDC. These are designed around lifts of over .550" and durations of 300 degrees.

The pistons relative to stock bore cylinders. At the machine shop I use, a 4mm cut costs ninety dollars per hole; many other shops refuse to do it -- it wears out their less-than-adequate cutting heads. The complete kit comes with pistons slid into their respective bored cylinders with gapped rings installed. They also come with an Athena complete gasket set, and clean dowels that are a slip-fit in their bores. All threaded holes will have been chased.

I'm having a problem getting enough Virago 1000 cylinders. Eleven hundreds work, too, but they are almost as rare..   These are shot high-temp black with exposed aluminum fin edges, and heat cured; shot clear, and cured again.   They will not smoke upon first start up..   Prices have gone up. I cut all prices to the bone, but the prices listed below still obtain -- and they do NOT include international shipping and insurance. Completew kits are exchange for your clean, umbroken barrels.

1065cc Piston Kits

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