Nothing special, just a pair of lightly used and refurbished XV750 pistons and a new set of rings; all bored into a clean pair of 700 barrels. Unfortunately, Yamaha no longer supplies most parts for this engine. No Longer Available: pistons, rings, head gaskets, base gaskets, pins, or clips. Same for the late model 750. And the after-market has not pursued either of these motors. So: if you can't lift off your base gaskets without breaking them scrape every last speck off of the cases. Your new barrels will be ready. Use a good (not silicon-based) sealer at this junction. For the head gasket use a copper-based sealer on both sides. We will provide used pins and clips; you'll have to decide between them and what you have already. This will be as complete a kit as is possible: pistons, new rings, pins, clips, cylinder dowels, and bored-to-size cylinders. That's all that can be gottten. Price coming in next couple of days.

Somewhat later: I cannot find new 750 rings for anything like a reasonable price. Standard, that is; .5mm over-size are acquirable, but I don't trust that rings that far over can be persuaded to mate with the cylinder wall at a good tension on a standard bore. Price will be exchange for your clean, umbroken barrels. We'll see what develops.

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