A little something special for the 700 and 750 crowd: clean heads still sporting the Yamaha grey paint; 3-angle valve jobs; rehabilitated used valves culled fom piles of those that could not be re-used; Viton valve guide seals; usable adjusters; jam nuts that aren't rounded off, and quality bearings to replace those stupid aluminum bushings on the drive-side of the cams. The size of the intake ports is sufficient to accomidate either TM34 flat-slides, or VM34 round-slide carburetors, so there is no need to fiddle with them. The ports and combustion chambers will be blasted to remove carbon. Reckon on $400 exchange. If you want the intakes expanded to fit a TM38 or a VM38 and polishing the exhaust ports, figure on another $100 . If you want usable cams you can haunt eBay and take your chances or cough up another $300 for new V Star 1100 cams - they fit and they are the only cams that Yamaha still sells that do.

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