If you have a 700 or a 750 and have ever had problems with your valves, you may have been stunned to find that Yamaha no longer holds them available. After disassembling hundreds of Viragos, I find myself in possession of several sets of good used valves. I threw away a lot with dished tips and eroded faces. Those that I offer are clean and usable. I dressed the tips to get rid of any tappet marks and ran a cutter around the faces to get back a clean 45°. The scale was brushed off and the valves polished - to an extent. I have never seen after-market valves in these sizes; 43mm intake, 37mm exhaust - 100mm long with 8mm stems. Rarely, I see some on eBay.

I am offering complete sets (two intake, two exhaust) along with four Viton valve guide seals for $100 per set, domestic shipping included.

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