There aren't too many Gen I Virago 750s around, but we haven't forgotten them. The 86mm bore will take your machine out to 805cc. Your engine will gain power throughout the powerband, both from the displacement bump and from the greater compression. 11:1 will stress your starter: see our comments on starting elsewhere. If you opt for an even higher compression ratio always run the highest octane fuel that you can find; most municipalities usually have at least one station that sells 100 (or higher) octane fuel. And run a performance cam to mitigate the cylinder pressure. Run anything from 34mm VM carbs to TM38s - the bigger, the faster - at the expense of off-throttle manuevering. Please Click the About => Supply button above.

The kit comes with two pistons milled for maximal lightness, rings for all, two pins, four clips, and a pair of pure copper head gaskets. The max is 86.5mm (813cc) at 12.5:1 (13:1 if you are really brave) and to be able to warranty these I must charge a little more. It is also very hard on the rod eyes (the small-end) where the piston pin resides. If you really want this kind of power, split the cases and run a crank (and top-end) out of a bigger bike. You'll get the bigger piston pin bores and you can even bore and stroke to as big as (maybe) 1483cc. Completew kits are exchange for your clean, umbroken barrels.

750 Piston Kits
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