If you like to live over red-line and want real raw power, get a C01 cam set and a TM40-6 carb kit. You'll out run practically everything. And the accellerator pump will start your charge as soon as you whack open the throttle.

The TM40-6 kits are genuine Mikuni and for the time being, completely unavailable. No one has any idea when they will come out of hiding. If it's soon and the price has not gone up, the kit will consist of the carbs, a throttle, cables, flanges with sync fittings, and Emgo air filters. Tentative price? $875. Are they worth it? Ask anyone who has put together such a setup.

I just became a dealer for Niche Cycle. Prebuilt cables will be available for all carb kits. Exchanged some email and I think I convinced them to develop a dual TM40-6 kit complete. It will come with a throttle, cables, manifolds, and air cleaners, maybe more. We didn't discuss pricing, but anticipate nine hundred dollars and be pleased when it turns out to be less. No time frame yet.

Niche Cycle Has a pretty nice little dual Mikuni VM34 carb kit. Seen below, it consists of aluminum flanges, rubber manifolds, two carbs, and a throttle cable. They built the original kit on an XV920R. They put one on a Gen I Virago 750, and found that it worked just as well. They have put a carb sync plug in each flange and included a number of pilot and main jets. However this leaves you no place to plug in vacuum lines for the petcocks. From me, one flange will have three taps with rubber caps in case you've moved on from vacuum petcocks. The other flange will have two taps. This is what the stock rubber flanges have. These will fit Virago 700s up to one thousands, and connect to the stock tubes into the frame and back to the stock air cleaner. I'm also including a hefty Mikuni tuning manual so you know, if necessary, how to select the right jets and how to install them. The included one-into-two throttle cable is meant for stock bars or lower; like clip-ons. If you have high bars, say so and we'll dispatch everything with a 48" cable.'

Niche Cycle VM34 Mikuni Carb Kit
VM34 Kit
Dual VM34 Kit

For built 750s or stock 920s with performance exhausts there is a kit I'm putting together. Two Mikuni TM38s that fit into the stock flanges amd hook up to the stock air ducts, a throttle cable, a handful of jets and a Mikuni tuning manual. Remember to tell us if you have high bars so we send the right cable.

VM38 Mikuni Carb Kit
TM38 Kit
Dual TM38 Kit
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