When you first contact me I ask a handful of seemingly irrelevent questions. Your answers - or lack thereof - help me answer your questions in as cogent, salient manner possible. The information that you supply I keep in my head; it goes no further. All I know is your name, eamil address, and a few general bits of data. I sell no data; I have no advertizers. There is no login to collect more info. I do have a "detector" helper program that tells me your ip, your city, and your country. This is written to a hidden file. It operates during the landing page animation. It doesn't write any personal data. It is just to give me an idea where my potentential clientele are located. About once a week I download it and look it over. It makes me think that I need to put up an .eu, an .au, and co.nz websites as this is where the traffic is from. Then I delete it and over-write the original with a zero-byte file; starting over.

Since all transactions are by way of PayPal invoice, I don't know your mailing address until you pay. I only use it once per transaction.

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