Be informed: these carbs are Mikuni REPLICAS. That is why they are so inexpensive. I've looked them over well and they have all the metering bits and passages that real Mikunis have; they take Mikuni jets, needles, and slides. But take a really close look and you'll see slight differences; mostly the location of logos and extra holes that go nowhere. No matter, performance will be on a par. All kits are easier to work on than the stock Hitachis and hold up better. Each kit consisis of two carbs, two flanges if needed, various pilots and mains jets, a one-into-two throttle cable, and a carb tuning guide. Some of these fit into the stock flanges; other will have flanges provided. All should fit the stock air cleaner boots.

34mm Round Slide VM34s. If you want a little boost down low, these may be the answer. Suitable for stock Gen I 750s and 920s.
34mm flat-slide smooth bore TM34. A real boost for the 700 and 750. And smoother pulling into the mid-range for the bigger bikes.
VM38mm round-slides. For a smooth pull all the way to red-line. Not a neck snapper, but it is the carb of choice for those who vintage race the XV920R.
TM38-86: 38mm flat-slide. The wildest "tame" carb. It's good up to red-line and doesn't mind quick shifts.
VM34 From Bell Mouth
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