Here are a few parts that we either have on the shelf or are only a day or two away. They may fit in other existing catagories and may be moved later, but, for now, here they are:

Various Parts

For reasons that I would rather not go into, we have on the shelf an odd piston kit. It is a new JE 102mm (complete) piston kit: 9:1 for a 75mm crank and 920/1000 style heads. Since this is a rare combination, I could part with the kit for $350 - well below my cost. You will need to sleeve and bore yor barrels as well as hog out the spigots in the cases. If you need a pair of unsleeved cylinders, add $150. If you need a crank I have V stars (they fit) at $150 also. A gasket set with appropriate head gaskets $175. This kit gives a displacement of 1226cc.

If I get no takers, I will (eventually) add to it: cylinders that are ready for the pistons, a lightened and balanced crank, gaskets, maybe o-ring the cylinders, some tricked-out heads. This leaves only boring the cases to accomidate the sleeves. I'll ask in the range of $2500. We'll see what happens.'

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